Ramiro Pedretti

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MLaw UZH Ramiro Pedretti

MLaw UZH Ramiro Pedretti


Born in Samedan, he successfully completed his law studies in Zurich, started to work as an attorney-at-law in St. Moritz and has since been advising private individuals, businesses and municipalities in the areas of construction law, real estate transactions, lump sum taxation, contract law, civil and criminal procedural law, corporate law, property law, liability law and administrative law.t.


Ramiro Pedretti, born in 1987, completed his law studies in 2012 with the degree of Master of Law UZH at the University of Zurich and was admitted to the bar in the Canton of Zurich in 2014.

After his studies Ramiro Pedretti worked in a law firm in Zurich, which specialised in construction law, and in a law firm in Berne, which specialised in IT and telecommunications law. He completed his attorney training in a law firm in Zurich specialising in procedural law before taking up his work as an attorney-at-law at the law firm Zinsli Nater Ganzoni in St. Moritz. In the year 2019, together with Riet Ganzoni, he founded the law firm of Ganzoni & Pedretti AG in St. Moritz.

Ramiro Pedretti is fluent in both spoken and written German, English, Romansh and Italian. He is a member of the Grisons and Swiss Bar Association. In addition to his professional duties, he served as a member of the Audit Committee of the Municipality of St. Moritz from 2017 to 2018. He is also a committee member of the FDP (Liberal Democratic Party) St. Moritz, a committee member of the Hunters’ Association St. Moritz and, since 1 January 2019, he has been serving as a municipal councillor in St. Moritz.