lic. iur. Raffaele De Vecchi

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lic. iur. Raffaele De Vecchi

lic. iur. Raffaele De Vecchi


Born and raised In Champfèr, Raffaele De Vecchi completed his studies in Jurisprudence at the University of Zurich. After obtaining his attorney’s licence in 2015 and his subsequent service in a law firm in the Canton of Ticino, he worked from 2018 in the legal department of RSI In Lugano. Since 2020 Raffaele de Vecchi has been an attorney at law in the team of Ganzoni & Pedretti.

Born in 1986, Raffaele De Vecchi obtained a Master’s degree in the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the University of Zurich with specialisations in private law, civil procedural law, Swiss Law on Debt Collection and Bankruptcy and administrative law. In 2015 he obtained the attorney’s licence for the Canton of Ticino.

His practical experience led him from the first-instance civil court of Mendrisio (Pretura) to the public prosecutor’s office of the City of Basle via two legal firms, where he was involved in a forensic and consultative capacity, to the attorney’s licence for the Canton of Ticino. Subsequently, he worked initially for one of the major law firms In Lugano, where he was responsible for cases in the field of civil law involving both national as well as international matters. The meticulous structuring of legal relationships was the main focus of his consultative work. In 2018 he moved to the legal department of the Swiss Radio and Television Corporation (RSI), where he was active in the fields of media law, consultancy on programmes as well as contract law. In 2020 Raffaele De Vecchi joined the team of Ganzoni & Pedretti as an attorney at law.

Raffaele De Vecchi is fluent in German, Italian, French and Rumansh. He is a member of the Swiss and Grisons Bar Associations.